Mr. Funk was welcomed to CPAVTS On March 17, 2020, which was the first day of COVID shutdown at CPAVTS.  He is excited to teach a full class of automotive technology students hopefully soon!  Here is what he shared regarding his new teaching position:

What did you do before coming to work at Cumberland Perry AVTS?


Mr. Funk started his automotive career working at Apple Subaru and worked his way to a Subaru Master Technician.  He then expanded his career at the Manheim Auto Auction and from there he was recruited by Volkswagen as a technician. 


What made you decide you wanted to teach?


Mr. Funk has had family ties to teaching and he always knew he wanted to be a teacher, but he originally wanted be a music teacher.


How has your first year been?


Mr. Funk has had a good building year with writing curriculum due to COVID-19, but he is anxious for a classroom full of students hopefully sooner than later.


What part of the curriculum are you looking most forward to teaching?


Electrical wiring diagrams, bread boards, OHMS, and electrical diagnostics is what Mr. Funk is enthused to share with level I Automotive students. 


What’s the most important thing you hope to impart on your students?


Mr. Funk wants his students to always learn as the automotive field is always changing from carbureted cars to fully electric cars that are hitting the market now, change is inevitable.