CPAVTS Early Childhood Education has had to significantly transform their preschool curriculum to meet the virtual world of remote learning!  Cumberland Perry AVTS offers Tuesday through Thursday virtual preschool to families during COVID-19, where parents and preschoolers join a Google meet invite for the day by CPAVTS instructor, Ms. Reitzel.  

CPAVTS preschool teachers, must plan their lessons and activities accordingly to ensure participation.  On Mondays and Fridays, the preschool teachers prepare packages for parent pick-up with materials, lessons, and art supplies for the next week of virtual learning.  Student, preschool teachers, are able to teach the usual curriculum such as Dental week, Valentines fun, and Fire Safety to the preschoolers but must adjust the lessons accordingly to correspond with technology and adult assistance. Some elements stayed the same despite the change to virtual like preschoolers still get to sing their favorite songs to “days of the week, the weather, and saying goodbye song”.

Preschool senior teachers, Marianna and Ericka, have found it harder to teach virtually since they cannot assist with hands on instruction and it is sometimes harder to keep their audience attention.  Technology issues seem to be concerns with three to five year olds; ensuring background noise is minimal, utilizing Google classroom with a tech savvy adult, and keeping preschoolers attentive. 

The teachers do find it easier with teaching a virtual class since there isn’t discipline issues to report, the class size is smaller, and it is 30 minutes of circle time, and a brief lesson on Google classroom.  Everyone is learning new avenues and teaching platforms with remote learning, due to COVID-19.  Teaching preschoolers via Google may not be the most desired method, but it is still making learning fun and giving students the opportunity to see their preschool friends and learn even if it’s on a screen.