For the last 20+ years, Cumberland Truck Equipment has been a great resource for the students and staff of Cumberland Perry AVTS.  Hiring graduates, hiring cooperative education students, attending Occupational Advisory Committee meeting, and proctoring NOCTI exams are just a few of the partnership activities Cumberland Truck has been a part of at CPAVTS.  So it was only natural for them to sign on as the Business and Industry Program Sponsor for the Diesel Technology Program. 

By signing on as a Business and Industry Sponsor, the students win, the school wins, and Cumberland Truck wins.  Students have access to internships, job shadowing experiences, field trips, and cooperative education experiences.  Students are also eligible for monetary contributions towards scholarships or tool packages.  The school gets valuable input from the industry to assist teachers with curriculum, equipment, and testing.  Cumberland Truck is given access to speak to students about employment opportunities for graduates or cooperative education. 

The long standing relationship has seen Cumberland Truck hire over 20 students through the cooperative education program.  Currently, Gillian Moffitt, a senior from Big Spring High School, is working at the facility in Harrisburg, while Ryan Kreiser, a senior from East Pennsboro High School, is working at the facility in Carlisle.  Three students from last years’ graduating class were also hired and continue successful employment at both locations. 

John Quigley, a 2004 graduate from the Diesel Technology program and former cooperative education student is now the Service Manager in Carlisle.  He says it feels good to give back to Cumberland Perry AVTS.  He feels the teachers at CPAVTS always have the student’s best interest in mind, and better prepare them for the real world.  He stated that all students learn differently and all they need is a chance.  John takes full advantage of the cooperative education program, as he finds it increasing more difficult to find reliable and quality technicians each year. 

The relationship between CPAVTS and Cumberland Truck has been beneficial to both parties.  The continued partnership will ensure the flow of quality trained young adults for positons as technicians, service writers, fork lift operators, parts counterperson and any other industry related need.