The horticulture greenhouse at CPAVTS is at a comfy 60 degree atmosphere this December, to keep the fresh greens on the plates in culinary arts.  Horticulture students are utilizing a hydroponics system to grow veggies this winter.  A hydroponics system uses water and chemicals to sustain plant growth instead of soil.  These aquatic plants are started from seeds, and student harvesting is anywhere from two to six weeks depending on the vegetation.  Horticulture students check the water and chemical balance 2 days a week, which means calculating the water loss + water addition to = new chemical additive amount.

Plants that are currently growing include: lettuce, kale, tomatoes, basil, cilantro, arugula, and rainbow chard.  Students are able to take home a sample of their harvesting project but most of the yield is donated to the Culinary Arts students who use it to prepare dishes such as, fresh garden salads, salad dressing with fresh spices, and creating a Mediterranean style chard entree. 

CPAVTS horticulture students happily give the green handshake or thumb to fellow peers.