Mr. Jody Snider has been a staple at Cumberland Perry AVTS for 26 years.  He has expanded the Carpentry program to be one of the most desired career options for CPAVTS students.  Jody will miss CPAVTS, but has a full schedule of opportunities waiting. 

Here is a “Q” and “A” with Jody:

How has your program changed in the time you have been at CPAVTS?

When I came here there was a maximum of 28 students in the first year program and 28 in the second and third year program.  I was told that the first year program that I would be teaching was “the worst shop in the building” by the Dean of Students at the time. Now we have a maximum of 50 in each program, a new shop, often a waiting list to get in, we offer scholarships and tool awards, every successful completer has good job opportunities, we have college in the high school, there have been many college graduates, and our program has been recognized as one of the best in the state along with receiving numerous awards.

What is your most memorable experience at CPAVTS?

I can’t pick just one.  Starting the Student Chapter of the National Association of Home Builders, competing and winning nationally, and providing scholarships and tool packages through this club has to be close to the top.  But, none of this happens without our amazing students and staff.  I have so many unbelievable memories shared with staff and students through all of the Home Show projects and beyond.  The relationships developed with these people along with those from business and industry rank equally.

Why did you want to be a teacher?

I never started out to be a teacher.  I grew up in a family of builders and was running my own business when I “fell into” a teaching job.  The carpentry teacher where I was doing a job resigned and they asked me to fill in for him.  Then I met two students named Paul who both had some challenges.  When I saw their first success at building something, and it seemed like it was their first success at anything, I was hooked.  I had that feeling that I could make a difference and I have been trying to ever since.

What will you miss at or about CPAVTS?

Not the drive on 81 except the time with my carpool family.  I will miss interacting with the students – they keep you young and energized.  I will miss the folks I work with and seeing all the different ways they do things along with all of the amazing things they create.  I’ll especially miss my best buddy Malena and all of the crazy things we could come up with for projects and the Home Show.  When you spend every day riding to and from school, working together, creating together, caring about students together, raising children at the same time… she will be my best friend for life.

What are your plans after retiring?

Enjoying time with family first.  My granddaughter is a special joy.  It looks like I’m going to be building two houses, one for my niece (already started) and one for my daughter who is getting married next year.  I always seem to have lots of projects.  Extra time hunting, kayaking, traveling and hopefully building my dream cabin in the smoky mountains of North Carolina.  There may even be time for working part time if the right opportunity comes up.  Basically I’m going to do whatever I want to…