1. Login to Google.com using your CPAVTS username and password.  Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you do not know your username or don't remember your password.

2. Go to http://classroom.google.com 

2. Press the "+" button and select "Join a Class". 

3. Use the following Class Codes as appropriate.

Program Instructor Class\Level\Period Google Classroom Code
Advanced Manufacturing Fogleman Level 1 cqjwyie
Advanced Manufacturing Fogleman Level 2 geo5xy3
Advanced Manufacturing Fogleman Level 3 jzbueq6
Advertising Art & Design Ash Level 1 A tcwwhfj
Advertising Art & Design Ash Level 2 A hyzrpft
Advertising Art & Design Ash Level 3 A xigivb2 
Advertising Art & Design Ash Level 1 B gy3assp
Advertising Art & Design Ash Level 2 B 74mnjt4
Advertising Art & Design Ash Level 3 B jfd6ous
Automation, Robotics, Elect. First Level 1 AM  zbstsk5 
Automation, Robotics, Elect. First Level 2 AM 4ceid2y
Automation, Robotics, Elect. First Level 3 AM 4mnaj5q
Automation, Robotics, Elect. First Level 1 PM 233fsmk
Automation, Robotics, Elect. First Level 2 PM jisovmj 
Automation, Robotics, Elect. First Level 3 PM 4mnaj5q
Auto Collision Yaukey Level 1 r5c2mp6 
Auto Collision Yaukey Level 2 & 3 3hqfagu
Automotive Technology Funk Level 1A hz6july
Automotive Technology Funk Level 1B epmcpyb
Automotive Technology Comeau Level 2A yylma6a
Automotive Technology Comeau Level 2B 25dt2ao
Automotive  Technology Comeau Level 3A cly7b3g
Automotive Technology Comeau Level 3B blsblv2
Carpentry Kocher Level 1 AM     vtyk4cb      
Carpentry Kocher Level 1 PM vqyckgs
Carpentry Fromm Level 2 AM 3vp7a7s
Carpentry Fromm Level 2 PM 3gqrhia
Carpentry Fromm Level 3 AM ax73bqp
Carpentry Fromm Level 3 PM kgrehh7
Computer Networking Heater Level 1 zs7f7pn 
Computer Networking Heater Level 2 k47wzdo 
Computer Networking Heater Level 3 b4jao33 
Computer Programming Lamertina Level 1   rfpck2t
Computer Programming Lamertina Level 2 & 3 ghhgned
Cooperative Education Berkstresser All Students se5625k 
Cosmetology Franklin Level 1 A ijf6sdk 
Cosmetology Frankllin Level 1 B vkzwfou
Cosmetology Miller Level 3 AM mzlwm4n 
Cosmetology Miller Level 3 PM jagogaj
Criminal Justice Shannon AM\All Levels yamydlv
Criminal Justice Shannon AM\Level 1 qwwf3oy
Criminal Justice Shannon AM\Level 2 tpwaywo
Criminal Justice Shannon AM\Level 3 sp2rqxl
Criminal Justice Shannon PM\All Levels l6lwahb
Criminal Justice Shannon PM\Level 1 6lfn42q
Criminal Justice Shannon PM\Level 2 wvqtiny
Criminal Justice Shannon PM\Level 3 a2ps5za
Culinary Arts Miller Level 1A wwrx3g7 
Culinary Arts Miller Level 2A jftreef
Culinary Arts Miller Level 3A r6dezqf
Culinary Arts Miller Level 1B ultd7zk
Culinary Arts Miller Level 2B rvkrsx3
Culinary Arts Miller Level 3B cfpv7sr 
Culinary Arts Miller Virtual ep57cep
Dental Foland Level 1 hwgqi27
Dental Foland Level 2


Dental Foland Level 3 hdff6w5
Diesel Technology Parson Level 1 AM qead7ef
Diesel Technology Parson Level 1 PM n24sris
Diesel Technology Krepps Level 2A 7lel4d7
Diesel Technology Krepps Level 2B j5w2hqz
Diesel Technology Krepps Level 3A yam2gkn
Diesel Technology Krepps Level 3B 5bg7j6n
Early Childhood Education Reitzel AM\Level 1 ikfxqt6
Early Childhood Education Reitzel AM\Level 2 l3ftswv
Early Childhood Education Reitzel AM\Level 3 dtho6vk 
Early Childhood Education Reitzel PM\Level 1 ijqsfcd 
Early Childhood Education Reitzel PM\Level 2 tmppkio 
Early Childhood Education Reitzel PM\Level 3 4znbaqo
Electrical Construction/Maintenance Baney Level 1 bzihnio
Electrical Construction/Maintenance Baney Level 2 luehaie
Electrical Construction/Maintenance Baney Level 3 623avub
Emerging Health Professionals Olcese All Students ygggpda 
Horticulture\Landscaping Perry Level 1 356yp2g
Horticulture\Landscaping Perry  Level 2 & 3 zzvbdd6
HVAC Pokrivka Level 1


HVAC Pokrivka Level 2


HVAC Pokrivka Level 3


Logistics\Warehouse Mgmt. Knouse Level 1 s7r3ru5
Logistics\Warehouse Mgmt. Knouse Level 2 dq42tqp
Masonry Weber Level 1 skqgefv 
Masonry Weber Level 2 hti6phu
Masonry Weber Level 3 qeycv37
Nursing Border Level 1 AM y5q7n72
Nursing Border Level 1 PM yhen22q
Nursing Border Level 2 AM iuh336i
Nursing Border Level 2 PM hr3wxoe
Nursing Lauver Level 3 AM 5boe3hs
Nursing Lauver Level 3 PM icr7x5h
Welding Hammond Level 1 r6l6rbk
Welding Hammond Level 2 p6wvj46
Welding Hammond Level 3 jegrd5g
Social Studies Adams Period 1 vse4o2j
Social Studies Adams Period 2 nymo3gy 
Social Studies Adams Period 3 x6wbvv5
Social Studies Adams Period 4 svdyzc3
Social Studies Adams Period 6 p5rrr4y
Social Studies Adams Period 7 m4wk6hd
Social Studies Adams Period 8 d6hytcw
Social Studies Franson Period 1A yvwtsva
Social Studies Franson Period 2A eoxgxoc 
Social Studies Franson Period 4A kofkw5p
Social Studies Franson Period 6A ceinylw
Social Studies Franson Period 7A kf3zaxs
Social Studies Franson Period 8A bye7jnt 
Social Studies Franson Period 9A eayt7yd
Social Studies Franson Period 1B 3kf7we2
Social Studies Franson Period 2B txzlia7
Social Studies Franson Period 4B nhg7p52
Social Studies Franson Period 6B 4umnskc
Social Studies Franson Period 7B iaqjtrb
Social Studies Franson Period 8B mtimnah
Social Studies Franson Period 9B m52uw5x
Social Studies Monn Period 1 qeeilxj
Social Studies Monn Period 2 4yhtngz
Social Studies Monn Period 3 re7mbdg
Social Studies Monn Period 4 5ljxuoh
Social Studies Monn Period 6 xpykcgt
Social Studies Monn Period 7 ot5ghki
Social Studies Monn Period 9 yjndfgg
Social Studies Shearer Period 1 hvy7g3n 
Social Studies Shearer Period 3 szoikj7
Social Studies Shearer Period 4 7uwisab
Social Studies Shearer Period 6 uelfbs4
Social Studies Shearer Period 7 h3esv52
Social Studies Shearer Period 8 rltkb2d
Social Studies Shearer Period 9 g6ex43o
Social Studies Weaver Period 1 64w2kt6
Social Studies Weaver Period 2 2j5ecjt
Social Studies Weaver Period 3 if257mk
Social Studies Weaver Period 4 kezg4mp
Social Studies Weaver Period 6 kz2gdkp
Social Studies Weaver Period 8 mas5c2a
Social Studies Weaver Period 9 zb3wpf2
Student Services Payne All Students anu4mkk 
Student Services Staub All Students