Teacher Spotlight- Mr. Heater


What is the most significant new or different aspect to your program this year?

“The 3rd year students have been given a project to build a computer network based on what they have learned during their time in the program. As they continue through the year they add to the computer network based on what they have learned.”


What are some of the more common career pathways your students take when they leave CPAVTS?

“Start as either a help desk technician or network technician. Some students go to college to complete a degree before starting their career.”


What particular training/unit do employers seek that helps students get their foot in the door?

“Ability to troubleshoot through problems and articulate the solution to customers.”


What is some of the recent technology and/or trends in the profession with which students become familiar?

“The first part of the year we’ve discussed components in computers and how they have changed over the years. We have discussed how cloud computing is improving our access to information from anywhere we go.”


What unit/topic do students struggle with the most in your program? Why do you think that is?

“Terminology, there are many different parts and remembering the correct names for each is sometimes a struggle. Computer components change over time, as an IT Technician you have to understand the old and new components.”


Explain a typical day in your program.

“Start with a warm-up question related to the day’s topic. We spend some time as a group discussing the topic. Then the students work individually or in groups to complete simulation labs or hands-on assignments.”


What advice would you give students who have completed your program?

“Continue to learn. Technology is always changing, and you need to keep an eye on the changes. Computer components from five years ago are now considered OLD technology. We need to stay current, or risk becoming irrelevant.”


How many years have you been at CPAVTS and what was your experience before coming to CPAVTS?

“This is my first year at CPAVTS. I was in the Army, performing different jobs related to Information Technology.”



Student Spotlight


Summarize what you learn in your program in ONE sentence.

“Operating systems, computer hardware, and configuring networks.”


What is the hardest part of your program?

“Troubleshooting and determining issues.”

“Remembering all RAID types, or the OSI Model.”

“The printer subject. There are so many parts inside a laser printer.”


What is the most fun part of your program?

“Learning commands to configure devices and working with them.”

“So far, the most fun activity we have done is reassembling PCs.”

“Interacting with other students that share common interests and career goals.”


What is some recent technology you are learning to use in your program that is specific to your profession?

“Current generation Intel CPUs.”

“Cloud Computing.”


What is your plan for after high school?

“To go into a 4 year technical college, while having a job on the side.”

“To go to HACC, and then possibly a 4 year college after.”


What is going to be the highlight of the year in your program?

“Successfully establishing, and finishing a fully functional, student network.”

“Taking and passing my certification exams.”


What are you proud of learning how to do in your program?

“Being able to troubleshoot things I haven’t had experience with previously.”


Describe a typical day in your classroom.

“Come in to the classroom, answer the opening question on google classroom. Theory or lecture on the daily lesson. Then work on labs, or sometimes get to troubleshoot real issues in the classroom. Continue working until the end of the day.”


How is your program at CPAVTS different from other classes you have had in the past?

“There is more freedom to do what you want to do if there is time to do so. Instructor is patient and open to questions. You can work with your hands a lot, doing something you’re interested in.”

“The encouragement and the amount of freedom.”


What advice would you give to a beginning Level 1 student who is just starting the program or to a student who is considering enrolling in the program?

“Be open-minded. Be patient to new material. Don’t allow yourself to get frustrated, step away from it, and come back to it later. What you are learning is new, and isn’t common knowledge, practice will make perfect.”