Owen Stauffer has always had a knack for building things.  Ever since he could first swing a hammer he could be found trying to make a bird house, dog house, or something he saw on TV.  So, when he was in 9th grade it was only natural that he filled out an application for the Carpentry program at Cumberland Perry AVTS.  Later that school year he was notified of his acceptance and he promptly had his parents take him to the hardware store to buy the tools and belt required for the program.  After 2 years of classroom and hands-on learning, he found himself ready to enter the workforce through the Cooperative Education Program at CPAVTS.  The West Perry senior now starts each day driving to a job site as a valuable employee for Haas Creative Carpentry.  For the last 3 months he has assisted with a custom designed home located in Elliotsburg.  Hanging cabinets, installing hardwood floors, installing ceramic tile, and installing trim and crown molding are all tasks that are part of Owen’s everyday life at work.  Owen takes great pride in his work and likes to step back and admire the finished project.  The relationship between Owen and Haas Creative Carpentry has gone so well Owen is preparing to become a full-time employee after graduation.  Owen’s passion as a child has now