Perspective students for 2020-2021 school year, spent the evening exploring 11 different program options at CPAVTS, out of the full 21 available for enrollment. Nearly 100 students registered for this exclusive evening of hands-on, high school, education opportunities

This has been an annual, community event for potential incoming students. Exploration Night allows these students a more in-depth experience in two trade areas they might consider enrolling in at CPAVTS. Program options this year for students to explore included automotive perspectives, construction trades, health care fields, and public service opportunities.

Students and parents were greeted for the evening with a dinner, prepared by the CPAVTS Culinary Arts Program and Instructor. Administrative Director, Mr. Bruhn, greeted guests and addressed subjects such as enrollment, the application process, and program information, before sending students out to explore!

Exploratory Night is an opportunity that showcases how Cumberland Perry AVTS educates students for industry-ready career occupations. It's an event your student won't want to miss in the future, when considering whether or not an educatiuon at CPAVTS is the right choice for them.