Cosmetology Alumni, and Freelance Makeup Artist, Katelynn Camplese, visits CPAVTS

Katelynn Camplese graduated from the Cosmetology program in June of 2017. Since graduation from CPAVTS and East Pennsboro High School, she has moved to Nashville, TN and earned a diploma from the Academy of Makeup Arts, in Special Effects Makeup. Her foundation at CPAVTS, and this degree, has led to plans for her to move to LA and follow her dreams of doing effects makeup on a film set!

During junior year at CPAVTS, Katelynn attended “Fashion Week”, a trip to NYC, and it was at that moment she knew she wanted to be behind the scenes doing makeup for movies. Initially after graduation she worked at various salons performing hair and makeup styles, but it wasn’t what she truly wanted to do with her career.

So she packed up and moved to Nashville. She had hoped to make her dreams come true working a set for a film production. She spend five months attending the Academy of Makeup Arts, and was ahead of the rest of the students enrolled, because of already having obtained a Cosmetology License from CPAVTS. She excelled at the Academy! She had already had hands-on instruction, real client service experience, business skills, marketing, and most importantly time management skills, all learned and honed during in the Cosmetology program at CPAVTS.

At this point in time, Katelynn is working as a freelance makeup artist, some of her work has been beautifying brides for their wedding day, or fancying up models for fashion shows, but her favorite assignments are on film photo shoots or film productions. This is when she gets to show her passion with special effects artistry. She recently completed in a 77 hour film fest, where contenders were given a theme and had to complete a script, produce, film, and film edit, all within the 77 hour deadline. When asked about her enjoyment behind the scenes of film work she stated, “You never know what you are going to show up to do. Sometimes the pay is little, but the experience and film credits are worth it!”

Katelynn also stated that social media is a major marketing target for her, since she is a freelance artist it is a great way to get her name and work out there. She prefers the busy lifestyle, which is good, since she is usually on a film set for the weekends, and constantly traveling to different sets that aren’t based in Nashville. All leading to her decision to move in the near future to LA, where the special effects business in the film industry is plentiful!

We can’t wait to hear about what Katelynn does next, unfortunately she cannot discuss what films she has already worked on, but we will be on the lookout in the upcoming year film credits for her name on the big screen!