Logistics and Warehouse Management is a prosperous industry.  Cumberland Perry AVTS is preparing its students with the proper certifications to be a first class pick of employers in this job market.  For the 2018-2019 school year, two new certifications are being offered to students in this program area. 

The first is a Certified Logistics Associate certification that is being offered to level two students in the second semester.  This is self-paced computer based credential for students that is used by material handlers across all supply chains.  Course modules include topics such as global supply chain, material handling equipment, quality control, work place communication, teamwork, computer usage, and problem solving.  With this certification, entry level salaries range from $26,000-$48,000. 

NSC Lift Truck Operator is a certification also being offered.  Every Logistics student in year one at Cumberland Perry AVTS may take this two week course in the first semester.  This is a crucial job skill to have in the logistics industry.  Students will learn operating principles, safety inspection, worksite inspection, trailer loading, and safe forklift driving.  

OSHA 10 General Industry certification is offered to the logistics students as well.  It is a ten hour course that introduces occupational safety while teaching employees to detect preventable work hazards.  This course outlines flammable liquids and gasses, electrical hazards, chemical hazards, and basic elements of safety and health. 

Cumberland Perry AVTS is empowering their students with credentials necessary to be successful in the Logistics and Warehouse Industry.