coop spotlight- Oct 2018

Jordan Sipe, a senior from Northern York High School, leaves school every day at 11:00 and heads to work at Lower Allen Township. As part of the Cooperative Education program, he is capping off his vocational education with some valuable hands on training. After 2 years of Automotive Technology classroom and shop floor training at CPAVTS, the transition to the world of work has been a smooth one for Jordan. Each day brings a new adventure for him at the township maintenance building. Township police cars, dump trucks, leaf blows, street sweepers, snow blowers, to mention a few, are all part of Jordan’s responsibility to keep up and running. Engine diagnostics, overheating issues, electrical problems, vacuum leaks, brake replacements are all part of the daily task list. Jordan states that he loves the wide variety of jobs he performs and it keeps every day exciting. With his mechanical aptitude and personal drive, Jordan’s success doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone!