6-1-17 Freeman RetirementIt takes a lot of hard work to teach the next generation and prepare them for the future, and to that end our instructional assistants at CPAVTS are just as key to our students’ education as the instructors themselves. Guy Freeman has been a valued member of the CPAVTS family; before his retirement, he shared with us some highlights of his time here:


How many years have you worked at CPAVTS?   

“Eleven years.”


How has teaching influenced your life?

“Teaching has helped me gain a broader perspective into the lives of young people and an appreciation for the efforts made by all the teachers to do their best for their students.”


What is the one thing you hope to have imparted on your students over the years?

"I would hope to have given students an appreciation and love of learning, allowing them to better engage the world."


What is the one memory or moment that stands out the most to you from your time working at Cumberland Perry?

"It’s very difficult to pick out one memory from so many good ones… I think I have a general and sustained positive impression of the school-- of the students, the teachers, and the administration. That has grown over time."


What is your favorite memory from working at CPAVTS?

"Again, there are some specific stories but my overall memories are woven into my daily experiences and are connected to the time I have spent with Mr. Knouse, Mr. Anderson, Mr. Snider, and Mr. Weber. I’m very fortunate to have worked with such fantastic people, for whom I have the greatest respect and admiration."


What do you plan to do in your retirement?

"My plans include continuing with my photography practice (I have a major exhibit coming up in the fall of 2018), creating and teaching more classes in photography in Carlisle and Harrisburg, writing, and traveling."


Mr. Freeman’s absence will definitely be noted beginning next school year, but we at CPAVTS wish him a happy retirement!