6-1-17 Page Retirement

Bill Page has been the Criminal Justice instructor at Cumberland Perry AVTS for the past 25 years. In that time, he has impacted the lives of hundreds of students and seen the school change with the fluctuations of local industries. Before leaving for his much-deserved retirement, he provided us with some insight into his time working here:


How many years have you worked at CPAVTS?

“I started working here, in September 1992. I was a substitute for the Law Enforcement class and the school’s First Aid Person. I was hired to teach in October 1992.”


How has teaching impacted your life?

“It changed my life. Seeing this world from a younger person’s point of view gave me a more balanced perspective on the world. By teaching, I learned more on the different aspects of Criminal Justice and increased the information I could teach. It kept growing and changing. The more I taught, the more I learned. I developed many positive relationships with students. They made me a part of their adult lives by informing me of weddings, births of children, etcetera, as well as keeping me updated with their career information. Many stay in touch through Facebook. It’s been very rewarding to see their continued successes professionally and personally.”


What is the one thing that you hope you have imparted on your students the most over the years?

“An understanding that you can accomplish more than you think you can. Be honest and have a good work ethic, and you will always have a job. Get as much education as you can afford, and if your job offers courses; take them. Keep a current resume ready, for the next opportunity is just around the corner.”


What is the one memory or moment that stands out the most to you from your time working at Cumberland Perry?

“I have a couple:

I met some of the teachers my first few days here. A couple of the older teachers (they were the original staff) informed me they didn’t need to know my name until I lasted a year. They became great mentors and friends.

The happiness I felt when my students began getting jobs in Criminal Justice. After a couple years, I feared I hadn’t taught them anything. Then they began to get hired. Over the years so many have enlisted in the service, have gone to college, have joined the work force… including many in criminal justice. CPAVTS was the starting place for their careers, and I had a small part in helping them reach their goals.”


What is your favorite memory from working at CPAVTS?

“The overall experience of meeting and working with so many nice people. Each instructor is an expert in their field. Each person was helpful by sharing lesson plans, sharing equipment and sharing information. It takes all the parts, working together, to make a machine work properly…and that is Cumberland Perry.”


What do you plan to do in your retirement?

“I am going to take a long needed vacation; spend time with friends and family; do some things around the house. Of course, I haven’t ruled out a lengthy trip to a Latin American Country!”


Mr. Page has been an important part of the CPAVTS family for over two decades. His presence will definitely be missed, but we wish him all the best in his retirement!