Safety Day 2016

Safety Day has been a staple at CPAVTS for several years now, and is one of the most important days of the school year. Not only is it a great opportunity for students to interact with their peers in other programs, it’s also a fantastic learning experience from professionals in their community.

“The mounted section of the police will be here again this year,” said Madelyn Harbold, a senior and organizer of this year’s events. “We’ll also have the Above and Beyond English Setter Rescue again, and a car cutting.”

Every year, local firefighters demonstrate how they dismantle a vehicle to rescue anyone who might be trapped inside during an accident. Each Safety Day event also features representatives from virtually every military branch along with various local awareness organizations, such as Bikers Against Child Abuse and Narcotics Anonymous. Charles Hall, the Cumberland County coroner, will also be in attendance and providing his career insights to Criminal Justice students.

The day is not all business—it’s also a day for students to relax at the end of a stressful school year. Student organizations will be setting up shop, most notably Horticulture’s ice cream stand and Dental Assisting’s dunk tank, which is a new feature this year. For a small fee, students can purchase balls which they can throw in an attempt to dunk a (willing!) teacher participant.

Overall, the day is a fun and informative time for students and staff that breaks away from the typical class schedule and gets everyone involved with members of their community.

Said Madelyn, “A lot of kids are interested in the military, and we have almost every branch coming. This is how a student last year got involved in the service. It’s also just a great day to relax, and we can talk to our friends in other programs.”