3-24-17 BPotY 2017The key to any successful career and technical school is the community that supports it. The Occupational Advisory Committee is a collection of 21 individual “OACs” that provide feedback on developing each of our programs, and these committee members are seasoned professionals with their finger on the pulse of the trends and changes sweeping their industries. Their dedication to providing this knowledge to our instructors is invaluable in keeping our programs as up-to-date as possible.

On March 22, the annual OAC Dinner was held to show appreciation for our committee members. Additionally, CPAVTS recognized its Business Partner of the Year; this time, the award was given to Hippensteel Automotive, Inc. of Newville, PA.

Michael Hippensteel was present to accept the award. Hippensteel Auto has provided automotive repair services since 1969 and has worked closely with CPAVTS’s Automotive Technology program for the past five years. He is a member of the program’s advisory committee and the company has dedicated their time and money to speak at the annual Open House event; deliver vehicles to the school; and provide a scholarship to deserving seniors. Mr. Hippensteel’s expertise and knowledge have been an invaluable asset to the Automotive Technology program as it continues to improve.

The industry professionals who generously offer their time and other resources to improving the quality of education that our students receive is a major factor in why CPAVTS is as successful as it is today. Thanks to our OAC members and Hippensteel Auto, Inc. for their efforts to promote the importance of career and technical education!