3-2-17 Tech at CPAVTS LogisticsWarehouses are the lifeblood of many companies—particularly those in the business of selling products. Without people to manage the items stored inside, these warehouses would be haphazard piles of items. Keeping things in shape requires a team of individuals trained in utilizing the equipment necessary to organize a warehouse.

Instructor Joe Knouse uses new technology to simulate a real-world warehouse. The following are just some of the equipment utilized in his program:

  •  Radio Frequency Scanners: These devices are used to track items in real time. Students scan bar codes in order to track items throughout the warehouse.
  • Forklifts: The school possesses many different types of forklifts to include sit-down models, stand-up riders, reach trucks, order pickers, and electric pallet jacks. Each type of lift performs a different job, from removing pallets from shelves to unloading and loading tractor-trailers.
  •  UPS Shipping Computer: This system is used to process outbound shipments. Students print barcode labels and apply them to cases of books during large distributions for First Book.

Of course, practice always makes perfect, so Mr. Knouse ensures that there is no shortage of activities to go around. The students receive, process, and ship orders as part of their involvement with First Book, which seeks to provide books to students in need; for the past few years, they have handled the receiving and redistribution of hundreds of books. But the main source of work for the students comes from managing all of the shipments delivered to CPAVTS. They receive everything from lumber to office supplies to automotive parts to cosmetology supplies; properly catalog and store the items; and then distribute them to their recipients—essentially running a real warehouse for their school.

Mr. Knouse, too, keeps himself abreast of any changes in technology or the industry as a whole through his Occupational Advisory Committee and through periodic visits to local warehouses. What some might think is a simple job is actually quite detailed and requires a high amount of organization. Without skilled warehouse workers, the items you receive from your orders (particularly online) might end up a complete surprise!

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