Program Spotlight-HYBRID Diesel Technology

Instructor Spotlight- Mr. Parson

What are some challenges you have encountered with teaching online?

“My biggest challenge was learning how to present the material. I had to quickly learn several different online platforms. Fortunately, most students are tech savvy and catch on very quickly. An ongoing challenge has been usernames, passwords and access codes. With so many, it’s difficult to keep track of them all”.


What are some challenges and/or benefits with In-Person learning only two days a week?

 “Actually it has made an improvement in the shop. Working with half the students each day, I have enough time to work with each student individually and spend extra time with students who may need it. Also, there isn’t any idle time for students waiting for a particular tool or a workspace. There is plenty for everyone.”


What new Safety measures have been put into place for students working on the shop floor and in the classroom this year?

 “Masks, disinfecting the classroom and common areas after each class, social distancing, limiting the amount of students in the locker room to change, students are encouraged to bring their personal devices instead of using shared shop supplied computers, QR codes have been created so students can use their phones to sign in and out of the shop without having to come in contact with public sign in sheets.”


What is some of the new technology/new teaching techniques you are using with your students this year?

“First year students are using Electude which is a cloud based e-learning system that allows instructors to assign, create, manage and grade lessons, exercises, tests and tasks. Students can complete their assignments from any location and from almost any online device. The school purchased digital textbooks for all the Diesel students. We use Google Classroom to help students organize their work and foster better communication and Google Meet for weekly shop meetings and synchronous learning.”



What are some positive aspects of the hybrid schedule that you foresee incorporating in future learning?

“All the new technology that I’ve been introduced to will be a great asset in future years.”






Catching Up With…Caitlyn Youkers, Class of ’18

Describe the company or industry in which you currently work.

“I am currently working for a privately owned Electrical company.”


What is your job title and what do you do?

“I am an electrician, doing electrical work with my father.”


What other employment have you had related to your program areas at CPAVTS?

 “I was a receptionist at two different salons after graduation.”


What additional education and training did you receive after leaving CPAVTS?

“I went straight into the working field, so everything was on the job.”


How was Cumberland Perry different than your regular high school?

“It was more fun than a regular high school. I felt that my teachers were more personable, and the subject was more interesting to me because I chose it.”


How has your industry changed?

“Technology has definitely gotten much smarter since I left on a year ago! It will continue to advance as time goes on, things are always changing.”


What is your favorite CPAVTS memory?

“My favorite memory is the entire time I was’s impossible to narrow it down! Meeting people from different schools, learning useful information, and having an amazing teacher! All of it shaped me into who I am today. I am so grateful for my time at CPAVTS, and education. I have so many incredible memories, I can’t even count them.”

CPAVTS Staff Increase Safety & Sanitation Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Cumberland Perry AVTS is working their best to ensure the health and safety for their students and staff during the COVID-19 pandemic.  With all the health and safety guidelines and requirements in Pennsylvania, it is truly a team effort to make sure CPAVTS is as proactive as possible during this uncertain time. 

Each department at CPAVTS has encountered extra safety precautions associated with their position and responsibility.  CPAVTS administration has implemented numerous safety and security measures including maintaining social distance, one way directional hallways, parking lot safety and security, and necessary face coverings for all students and staff.  The Maintenance and Custodian, staff spent the summer months ordering PPE supplies for students and staff.  There is extra time spent daily, on cleaning and sanitizing areas of the building and tending to the endless custodial needs to instructors.  The Health Room Assistant has been trained on spraying the sanitizing solution if needed for a positive COVID case.  There is an increase in the daily student symptom screening upon entering the Health Rooms Assistant’s office and working diligently with sending districts regarding contract tracing.   

The Principal’s office has spent time answering parent and student questions all summer regarding scheduling with the hybrid AB calendar.  Finalizing all the student transportation needs from each of the consortium 13 districts was a hurdle for the first day of school, but all has seemed to correspond with little discrepancy.  The Student Services staff has been seen escorting new students to their program areas, following the one way hallway markings.  They have also ensured students have a face covering when exiting their transportation and retrieving one for them promptly if they arrive without it.  Student and district schedules are ever changing, and they are working to resolve any updates for staff and students as it comes their way. 

The Information Technology department has been inundated with the challenge of ensuring students have accessible devices and keeping students connected to online learning platforms while also assisting staff with online student platform assignments.   CPAVTS Business Office staff has updated and mandated the visitor policy for staff and student safety.  Opening doors upon student arrival, to decrease surface contact has been a daily aid.  All deliveries have been implemented for warehouse retrieval to provide less public interaction. 

The CPAVTS Teaching Staff have spent countless hours lesson planning for both in-person and online learning.  Flexibility has been crucial to instructors as daily changes are issued regarding districts and COVID-19 precautions and expectations.  With the one way hallways, class arrival may be prolonged and hinder exact start times.  Instructional Assistant staff are seen daily corralling early arrival students at CPAVTS into a large instruction room to ensure instructors are in their rooms ready for students.  They have also been seen accompanying lost students to their program classes and assisting with student departure ensuring transportation safety. 

Cumberland Perry staff has made the COVID transition to learning into a team effort by the entire building! It is amazing to see a united front, in the pursuit of offering a safe educational space for students and staff. 

2020 CPAVTS Awards Ceremony Videos

Cumberland Perry Awards ceremony wasn’t the same this year as previous ones, but CPAVTS staff made sure their 300+ seniors were recognized for their accomplishments.  The initial awards ceremony was scheduled to be at Christian Life Assembly, in late May, but with COVID-19, those plans were halted, so Cumberland Perry got creative with options. 

Staff members delivered yard signs to student houses throughout the 13 districts in Adams, Cumberland, Perry, and York Counties. Staff painted welcome messages on the sidewalk outside CPAVTS before students arrived to walk across the stage for a program staggered awards ceremony.  This was a three day ceremony in the CPAVTS cafeteria that featured administration, program instructors, a TV slide show, and streamlined for parents and family members to view. 

Seniors may not have had the “normal” awards ceremony for 2020, but CPAVTS strived to broadcast the accomplishments of CPAVTS senior class.  Congratulations class of 2020!

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