Culinary Arts Partners with Friends of Market Square

Cumberland Perry AVTS programs participate every year with numerous service projects that students gain communication skills, real work experience, and team building involvement.  Culinary students partnered with Friends of Market Square to serve meals to the homeless in Harrisburg. 

Sixty five culinary students helped prepare the meal, and 12 students assisted with set-up and plate serving.  Students prepared the menu which consisted of a mouthwatering pot roast, creamy mashed potatoes, and delicious cookie and brownie desserts.  Each of the culinary team was assigned a serving station where they plated more than 50 meals for the evening.  There was even enough leftovers to send to go trays for an additional meal. 

Marinya, a second year culinary student, assisted with serving the pot roast and “enjoyed helping others” and “it was a team building task that blended the AM and PM students together” she stated.  Jayden who is a first year culinary student stated “the people we served were polite and very appreciative”.

Cumberland Perry AVTS is proud of the outreach culinary students participated in with serving their community! 

2021 Middle School Summer Camp

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Catching Up With…Joe Ehrisman, Class of ‘14

Joe is a graduate of Newport High School and the Automotive Technology program. 

We received word of Joe's success from his mother, and asked if we would be able to reach out to him to hear the details, and congratulate him. He was more than happy to share his journey post-graduation, that resulted in quite the career in industry so far! Here is what Joe had to say:


Describe the company or industry in which you currently work.

“I am currently working for Honda of America.”


What is your job title and what do you do?

“My job title is a Warranty Technical Specialist in the Market Quality Division. In MQ we receive transmissions that fail out in the market and returned under warranty. The transmissions are installed, tested, disassembled, and analyzed for the failure cause. I write a report summary on the transmission and submit for possible recalls or legal use.”


What other employment have you had related to your program areas at CPAVTS?

“My senior year at CPAVTS, I took the opportunity for the Co-op program, I worked at Freysinger Buick, GMC, and Cadillac upon graduation I continued to work there full time until I left for college in the summer of 2014.”


What additional education and training did you receive after leaving CPAVTS? Where did you receive it?

Did you feel CPAVTS prepared you for this?

“After I graduated from CPAVTS I attended UNOH in Lima, Ohio. Over my 4 ½ years there I obtained an Associate’s degree in Automotive/High Performance, an Alternative Fuels degree and a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration. When it came to the Technical side of my schooling, I came into my automotive classes well prepared, most of the information taught was already taught at CPAVTS that I learned at UNOH. This just shows whether you plan to college or not, CPAVTS provides the proper training to succeed and jump start your career.”


How was Cumberland Perry different than your regular high school?

“Everything was different about CPAVTS compared to your normal high school. The biggest difference was it was like coming to work when coming to CPAVTS. Most of the courses are hands on and for someone that loves to work with their hands or is interested in a trade it was great. It beat sitting in a classroom all day, and you were preparing for your career.”


How has your industry changed since your time at Cumberland Perry? (Technology, equipment, etc.)

“The automotive industry is changing every minute, the technology has come a long way since 6 years ago at my time at CPAVTS. The cars and the diagnostic aspect have changed substantially, but I always felt I was provided with the right equipment and instructors to learn the basics of my trade at CPAVTS, and I thank you for that!”


What is your favorite CPAVTS memory?

“Favorite? There are too many to list, I enjoyed all the time I spent during the 3 years I spent at CPAVTS. I met a lot of good people and friends, and I learned a lot while doing so. I would recommend not just the Auto Tech program, but CPAVTS to anyone who had an interest in learning a trade and jump starting their career.”

Catching Up With…John Bingaman, Class of ‘11

Our usual plethora of visitors to CPAVTS was virtually non-existent this year, due to COVID concerns and safety measures. In light of that we missed out on the opportunities we usually have, to interview previous CPAVTS graduates that come in to visit, guest speak, and even interview current students for possible employment! Fortunately the spring brought “new life” to the building. Students returned to four days of in-person instruction in April, and with that meant a few visitors could also return.

John Bingaman, Class of 2011, a graduate of East Pennsboro, and the CPAVTS Carpentry program, was one such visitor.  We were thrilled to hear a few words from him about his experiences working in the trades since leaving Votech. Here is what he shared with us.


Describe the company or industry in which you currently work.

“I currently own 49% of B. S. Smith Homes. We build houses and do all the excavation work.”


What is your job title and what do you do?

“I’m the C.O.O. of the company. I run all sites and excavation.”


What other employment have you had related to your program areas at CPAVTS?

“I did some bridge building.”


What additional education and training did you receive after leaving CPAVTS?

“Besides my training from CPAVTS, I did some additional equipment trainings with HB McClure.”


How was Cumberland Perry different than your regular high school?

“Just not being stuck in a classroom, it got me more energized, and out of my shell.”


What is your favorite CPAVTS memory?

“Receiving Craftsman of the Future Award, also the Showcase Home.”

CPAVTS Business Partner of the Year

Cumberland Perry AVTS is honored to experience phenomenal community support from Occupational Advisory Committee members that facilitate student achievement.  This year Cumberland Perry AVTS would like to recognize Cumberland County for extraordinary participation in the Criminal Justice program.  Cumberland County has shared various educational instruction opportunities over the years with Criminal Justice students that many people are not fortunate enough to ever observe.  

The Sheriff’s Office has provided guest instruction regarding firearms training and student observations with K-9 situations.  They have assisted with the senior NOCTI exam at CPAVTS and provided students with a job shadow or ride-a-long opportunity.  They are active members of the Occupational Advisory Committee where they volunteer guidance and wisdom for the curriculum.  They provide student simulations and information at the annual CPAVTS Safety Day.  Even this year with COVID, they have focused on firearms safety with students.  Cumberland County Dept. of Public Safety has presented on their active involvement in the National Honor Guard and a virtual student field trip at the communications center.  The District Attorney’s Office communicates the Victim’s Rights during guest instruction and also offers job shadow experiences for students, all while serving on the Occupational Advisory Committee.  The Cumberland County Prison offers industry visits to see if that career pathway is a favorable one for students upon graduation.  Cumberland County Juvenile Probation and the Coroner’s Office are active participants in the CPAVTS Safety Day along with the yearly OAC meetings. Judge Martin’s office has devoted extensive time and resources to the Criminal Justice program by assisting with student interviews, law book donations, ride-a-longs, job shadows, and guest instruction.

Cumberland County has offered immeasurable knowledge, experience, advice, and occupation information to Cumberland Perry AVTS Criminal Justice students with preparation into all the Criminal Justice career pathways possible.