Culinary Arts College Credits

There are a number of options for earning college credits at CPAVTS. It is important that students work with the Admissions Office at the school they plan on attending. Our Student Services office will help to guide students through this process as well.



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Students are CPAVTS and Pennsylvania College of Technology students at the same time.  Students leave High School with a college transcript.

These courses are offered at no cost to the student; however, they will be responsible for any textbooks required for the course.

These courses are part of the normal curriculum during for Level 3 students and the course is delivered during the normal Program time. Particicipation is optional for students but highly recommended. These Penn College credits can be used at many other schools across the state either as elective credits or towards a certification or degree.

FDH 101 Foundations of Professional Cooking 3 Credits
FDH 118 Sanitation 1 Credit



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 **To receive Advance Placement credit, students must submit a Certificate of Achievement from their High School Vocational Technical program which will be reviewed by The Art Institute of Pittsburgh’s Culinary Director and Dean of Academic Affairs.


·  The Fundamentals of Classical Techniques class (CUL106) requires the student to successfully pass the course’s Final Knife Skills Practical and Final Practical Cooking Exam with a score of 75% (C) or higher.


·  The Concepts and Theories (CUL105) class requires the student to successfully pass the course’s Final Written Exam with a score of 75% (C) or higher, in order to obtain advance placement credit.


·  TAPs Sanitation Program exemption requires a current ServSafe Sanitation Certificate or comparable National Sanitation Certification Certificate


To receive advanced placement credit, the following criteria are required:

The student must graduate from high school and have completed the courses listed above with a grade of “B” or higher; meet the admission policy requirement of The Art Institute of Pittsburgh; and be admitted as a degree-seeking student within 15 months of high school graduation. The student must submit:

a)  A completed High School Student Request for Articulated Credit form to apply for articulated credit (listed above) from The Art Institute of Pittsburgh.

b)  An official high school transcript indicating the grade received in the course(s) listed above as well as the date of graduation.


The following supplemental criteria may be required as applicable:


c) A portfolio of student work or samples of projects completed.

d) A letter of recommendation on school letterhead from the high school teacher and/or counselor confirming the student has achieved the knowledge and skills for the course competencies required.

e)  Any other evidence of student learning that the Institute believes demonstrates the award of credit to this particular student is merited.


CUL 105  Concepts and Theories of Culinary Techniques  3 Credits
CUL 106  Fundamentals of Classical Techniques  6 Credits
CUL 210 Management, Supervision, and Career Development 3 Credits
---------- TAPs Sanitation Program Exemption 0 Credits



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All CPAVTS programs are approved by the Department of Education. Because of this, the following list of colleges have agreed to give CPAVTS students credit for the following courses when students enroll and meet the following requirements:

  1. 1.  Graduate from high school. 
  2. 2.  Earn a 2.5 GPA in the courses in your program area. 
  3. 3.  Earn a score of “Advanced” or “Competent” on the NOCTI exam.
  4. 4.  Successfully complete all tasks on the Program of Study task list.

Community College of Beaver County

CULA 210 - Food Preparation and Services Internship I
CULA 211 - Food Preparation and Services Internship II

Bucks County Community College

HRIM 100 - Introduction to Tourism and Hospitality
HRIM 105 - Sanitation and Safety (Certification Course)

Montgomery County Community College-Central Campus

CUL 110 - Introduction to Foodservice
CUL 225 - Culinary Arts I
HOS 130 - Hospitality Sanitation & Safety

Commonwealth Technical Institute

CA 010 - Careers in Food Service (End Date: 10/8/2012)
CA 060 - Introduction to Preparation & Service of Food (End Date: 10/8/2012)
CA 101 - Tools and Stationary Equipment
CA 119 - Food Service Math

Westmoreland County Community College

BKP 141 - Baking I
FSM 103 - Introduction to the Hospitality Industry
FSM 105 - Foods I

Montgomery County Community College-Central Campus

HOS 130 - Hospitality Sanitation & Safety
HOS 198 - Coop Internship- Hotel/ Rest I
HOS 211 - Basic Quantity Food Preparation


NOCTI / NCCRS: By scoring at or above 70% on an approved NOCTI Test, students may earn articulated credit at many institutions. Click Here for more information and to see lists of participating school.