Welcome to the Student Services Career Center!
     Choosing a career is one of the most important decisions you will make in your lifetime.  Finding the right career requires you to find out about yourself - your interests, abilities, and work values.  Also, you need accurate information about the world of work - job requirements, education and training, salary, working conditions, and job openings.
     The CPAVTS Student Services Center is designed to help you find the right match between you and the world of work.
Follow the links listed below:
PA CareerZone
The PA CareerZone contains self-assessments to help you discover your interests, personality, and work values.  Also, you can access current labor market information from Pennsylvania and across the country.
AES/PHEAA has developed this site to help you explore post-secondary schools, financial aid, resume writing, and many other topics.

Transitioning Guide
This is a step by step guide for parents and students planning for post secondary education or employment.