Students are able to take full advantage of the educational opportunities offered to them only if they follow a policy of regular attendance.  Any student who has not yet attained the age of 17 (years) shall be required to attend school regularly during the entire school year.

Excused Absences


Students will be considered Excused from regular attendance for the following reasons:

  • Illness – the Principal or his/her designee may require a doctor’s excuse after the third (3rd) consecutive day of absence from school due to illness.
  • Family emergencies.
  • Prearranged doctor and dentist appointments during school hours only if appointments cannot be arranged outside of school hours.  (Verification from medical profession of date and time is required.)
  • Bona fide religious holidays.
  • Authorized school activities.
  • Student educational trips – including family educational trips, college visitation (Section VII, K), military and career testing – all of which require prior administrative approval.


Unexcused Absences


Students will be considered Unexcused if they are absent for any reason other than above including:

  • Absent from school with parent/guardian consent for reasons other than those defined above.
  • Absent without an excuse submitted by parent/guardian within three (3) days after a student returns
  • Leaving school premises during school hours without permission of the administration – subject to discipline action.
  • Absent more than fifteen cumulative days without medical documentation, unless the Principal or his/her designee grants a waiver.
  • Truancy or Absent From School Without Permission (Section VII, CC).


Return From Absence Procedure


Students returning from “ANY” absence will report to the Principal’s office for an admit slip.  Students are required to present written documentation for absence within three days or absence will become an unexcused absence.  Excuse forms will be provided by the Principal’s Office.

NOTE:  Written documentation must be submitted to both CPAVTS and district high school.  (The attendance secretary will copy Physician notes.)



Early Dismissal


Regular attendance is defined as full day attendance every day that school is in session; however, there are occasions when students will be required to be dismissed early.  The principal or his/her designee shall determine if requests for early dismissal are valid requests.  Request for early dismissal must be in writing by parent/guardian and pre-approved by the principal or his/her designee.


Mandatory/Optional Attendance


As of the 2004 – 2005 school year, a procedure has been put into place for Mandatory/Optional Attendance.  This procedure was developed as a solution to the 180-Day requirement for CPAVTS students.  Due to the fact that district high school calendars differ from the CPAVTS calendar, many of the district high schools fall below the 180 days required for CPAVTS students.  Please check with your student’s school to identify which days are mandatory/optional at CPAVTS.  Districts will make every attempt to provide transportation on days of mandatory attendance at CPAVTS.  If the student is unable to acquire transportation on mandatory attendance days, the parent should send an admit slip with a written explanation and the student will be given an excused absence. 


With questions or concerns, contact:


Rebecca Kann - Attendance Secretary

717.697.0354 ext. 108