• Pearl-button chef coat (2 required). est. cost $20.99-$35.99 each
  • Baggy chef pants (2 required). est. cost $26.99-$36.99
  • Men's or ladies black pants (1 required; NO jeans or yoga pants). est. cost $15-$25
  • Men's or ladies long sleeve, white dress shirt (1 required). Students may purchase this item from a variety of stores. est. cost $8-$15 
  • Apprentice hat (2 required). est. cost $10.99-$12.99
  • Chef bib apron (2 required). est. cost $7.99-$9.60
  • Leather-type safety shoes (foot must be fully covered; NO sneakers) $15-$55.
  • Locker Lock
  • Pocket sized notebook

www.chefworks.com/cpavts- New Students should click on “New User”  to create an account.  The website does not allow for the billing address on the landing page to be editable.  However, once on the check-out  area, you can update a billing address for the credit card being used.