• T-Shirt with CPAVTS Logo (1 minimum). est. cost 11.95-$29.95

  • Long Sleeve Work Shirt with CPAVTS Logo (1 minimum).  est. cost $11.95-$29.95

  • Industrial Blue Work Pants. Students may purchase from a variety of stores.  est. cost $25

  • Leather, steel-toed work boots or shoes (NO steel-toed sneakers or any kind of canvas). est. cost $25-$100
  • Name Badges must be worn at all times. These will be provided by CPAVTS.

  • Locker Lock

It is highly recommended that each student order more than one uniform, this is because there exists a chance that during shop work, a uniform could get soiled beyond the point of cleaning. Each Friday, we ask that students take home uniforms to be cleaned. If a student does not have a complete uniform, he or she will not be able to work for that day, and will collect a zero for their Personal Quality grade for the day.


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