There are MANY reasons to think about attending CPACTC…


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  • There is NO ENROLLMENT COST to students and families for enrolling in CPACTC. We are part of your sending school district so enrolling at CPACTC is just like enrolling in any other elective course at your high school. (There may be some supply/uniform costs associated with your program choice.)

Do you know how much a similar education would cost after high school? Though it’s always a positive for students to further their education, many of our programs offer the same skills and certifications that students may otherwise pay for after high school graduation.

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  • Our programs prepare students in professions where there are opportunities. Find the outlook for different fields at O*Net Online.
  • Cooperative Education gives our students the opportunity to practice their skills and learn new ones while getting paid at the same time.
  • Learn from THE BEST! Our teachers have extensive, real world industry experience and know what is needed to succeed. That is balanced with an average of 9.5 years of teaching experience so they know how to best pass the information on to students. Truly the best of both worlds!