Students must wear a shop lab coat or t-shirt/sweatshirt when working with clients. Lab coats will have the students name on the front left and the Advertising Art & Design logo will be screen printed on back.  Both will be white lettering on a black uniform.


Additional Cost: $5.00 will be charged if the student chooses to have their name embroidered on the front (Mark on order form).

 NOTE: Uniforms will be delivered to the school. Students can collect them during the first week of class.

  • Students should purchase a lab coat for class est. cost is $25 at QUEST CUSTOM EMBROIDERY.
  • Students may also choose to wear a T-shirt with the program logo, also available at QUEST CUSTOM EMBROIDERY.
  • Name Badges must be worn at all times.  These will be provided by CPAVTS.