Walk into College with Credits!



There are a number of options for earning college credits at CPAVTS. Students should be sure to visit the Student Services office for assistance. It is also important that students work with the Admissions Office at the school they plan on attending. 

Visit each program page on the program tab to find College or other Post-Secondary credits available to Cumberland Perry students. Contact Student Services for more information.



1.  (CHS) COLLEGE IN THE HIGH SCHOOL CREDITS: Also called Dual Enrollment, students are Cumberland Perry AND college students ­at the same time - through HACC or the Pennsylvania College of Technology.

            • Students leave high school with a college transcript.
            • A college course is taught by CPAVTS instructors (adjunct faculty) at CPAVTS.
            • There is a cost for each HACC credit students earn, though it is greatly reduced from HACC's already low tuition cost.
            • There is no cost to students for PCT credits.
            • These courses are part of the normal curriculum during for Level 3 students and the course is delivered during the normal program time. 
            • CHS enrollment is optional but highly recommended - Why do the work and not get the credits?
            • These HACC or PCT credits can also be transferred to many other schools across the state.  Even for students that don’t intend to pursue their current program after high school, these credits can count as elective credits in college.


2.  (POS) PROGRAM OF STUDY CREDITS:  All CPAVTS programs are approved by the Department of Education. Because of this, the following schools have agreed to give CPAVTS students credit for the following courses when students enroll at that school and meet the following requirements:
            • Graduate from high school. 
            • Earn a 2.5 GPA in the courses in your program area.  
            • Earn a score of “Advanced” or “Competent” on the NOCTI exam.
            • Successfully complete all tasks on the Program of Study task list. 

      POS articulations are revised on a semi-annual basis. Current POS articulations can be found at www.collegetransfer.net.


 3.  (ART) Local Articulation Agreements: Cumberland Perry has an independent agreement with these schools. When students successfully complete all or portions of our program, they will receive credit from the college upon admission.


 4.  (NOCTI) NOCTI / NCCRS: By scoring at or above 70% on an approved NOCTI Test, students may earn articulated credit at many institutions. CLICK HERE for more information and to see lists of participating schools.